Pawan gives assurance for Undavalli farmers

Pawan Kalyan Full Speech With Undavalli Farmers

The Janasena Supreme Pawan Kalyan once again showcased his love towards farmer. His recent interaction with the Undavalli farmers explains it all.

Pawan Kalyan who has been taking a brief break after completing his Uttarandhra tour is all set to continue Praja Porata Yatra from Godavari districts. Before that, upon accepting big requests from the farmers, he had been to the village of Undavalli the other day. This Janasena Chief visited the Undavalli caves and later had a word with the local farmers. A farmer who has a land with multi crops explained his anguish to this young leader. In his words, the farmer claimed that they all voted to the TDP only trusting the Janasena Supreme but the same Government is looting their lands which gives them bread and butter. So he pleaded Pawan Kalyan to save them and their lands against the TDP rulers.

After listening to their problems, Pawan Kalyan declared that his purpose of visit to Undavalli is to give his assurance to the farmers. He promised to fight for them against the Government and he is ready to face anything in order to protect their lands. This ex-member of PRP declared that CBN lost power for making his Policemen hit bullets in Basheerbagh incident. If he is again willing to grab the lands by hitting bullets at the farmers, then he assured that he is ready to take bullets for Undavalli farmers. Janasenani opined that the Government had already taken enough land so he is not willing to allow the TDP Government to take more lands which are fertile.


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