Pawan Kalyan leaves his fans in dilemma!

Pawan Kalyan leaves his fans in dilemma

Pawan Kalyan leaves his fans in dilemma

Posted December 20, 2017, 5:57 pm at 17:57

Agnathavasi audio function witnessed a different side of Pawan Kalyan. Though it is expected, few things left Pawan Kalyan fans in dilemma. Everyone expected that Pawan would clear many aspects that have surrounded him. But shockingly, his address to his fans rather went in a strange manner, leaving many unanswered questions behind.

In his speech, Pawan Kalyan did touch many aspects apart from his film. He spoke about politics, his depression after the film Johnny, the society and his long-time friend Director Trivikram. But Pawan failed to answer the following questions in everyone’s mind:

  1. Will Pawan Kalyan still continue in films?
  2. Will Janasena Party contest in all Assembly constituencies by itself or with the alliance?
  3. Will the great friendship between Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram Srinivas be limited to films? Or will it even continue in politics?

Pawan Kalyan fans have been curious to know the answers to the above questions from a very long time. During Pawan’s visit to Vishakhapatnam and other regions in Andhra Pradesh, everyone thought that he would give a clarity on these. But it did not happen even at that time, and even at the Agnathavasi audio launch event. It looks like Pawan Kalyan would balance films and politics for the time being.

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