Janasena Quits T-Assembly And Settles For Lok Sabha Elections


The Janasena Supreme has decided to concentrate on the Telangana Lok Sabha elections rather than the upcoming snap polls due to the early commencement of elections. More details about Jansena’s plans in Telangana as follows.Earlier it was heavily speculated that Janasena Chief would either field in a couple of candidates in Telangana or would extend his support for the TRS. As yesterday was the last day of nominations in Telangana, the Janasenani had a roundtable conference with the party biggies and came to the conclusion.

In the Janasena’s Press release, Pawan Kalyan declared that his party due to the advancement of Telangana Politics would refrain from contesting as per the decision of seniors. However, he assured the Janasena followers that the party is all set to participate in Telangana’s Lok Sabha elections at any cost. Janasenani claimed that he will always be with Telangana people to represent their problems to the Nation out loud.

further split of vote banks in Telangana

With this, there will be no further split of vote banks in Telangana and the main fight is between the TRS and Mahakutami. Maximum followers of Janasena in the T-State are okay with their leader’s decision whereas some of them are unhappy about this outcome. So Pawan’s concentration is completely focused on the AP elections to bag as many seats as he can.


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