Janasenani Directed Janasainikas In A Serious Tone

Teachers About Pawan Kalyan's Behavior In School

The Janasena Supreme Pawan Kalyan had been to the town of Nellore to meet and greet his school teachers and to visit famous Dargah. In his meeting with local leaders, he has passed some serious warnings to his fans and followers to set them in a right way.Pawan Kalyan shared lighter moments with his school teachers and later honoured them in front of the media. Talking to the leaders and fans, he expressed his dissatisfaction over some fans who are opposing the development of the party. Janasenani asked his fans not to visit his meetings for the sake of seeing him. Rather, he wanted them to actively participate in Politics to bring the chance. This hero turned Politician stated that having flexes itself wouldn’t make him CM but the right fight for the cause would bring Power to the Janasena.

 Pawan Kalyan responded to a woman leader

Talking about the party’s internal wars, Pawan Kalyan responded to a woman leader’s complaint regarding how some worthless leaders oppressing real workers for the sake of fame. The Supreme claimed that internal wars are common in any party and asked the cadre to maintain good relationships with the local leaders for strengthening the base. Meanwhile, some Political observers opine that Pawan Kalyan needs to concentrate more on picking up the right leaders among the hard workers to make Janasena unique from all the existing parties.

Janasenani Directed Janasainikas In A Serious Tone


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