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HomelatestPawan Visits His Old House In Mogalthur: Turns Nostalgic

Pawan Visits His Old House In Mogalthur: Turns Nostalgic

The Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan went Nostalgic today as he visited his old house in the town of Mogalthur. As a part of his Praja Porata Yatra, this leader participated in a quick visit to the constituency of his once hometown which apparently became news. Pawan Kalyan continued his West Godavari tour from the last two days and reached Narsapur. In a Public meeting held the other day, he lashed at the two big leaders of Andhra Pradesh. Pawan questioned CBN regarding his comments on Janasena and calling it as a party of Kapus.


This ex Star hero pointed out at CBN for happily accepting the Special Package in the past and reminded the fact that he is the only leader to oppose Package at that time. Later Pawan’s bullets went towards the YSRCP as the Janasenani ridiculed its head by saying that he doesn’t have to become a CM to fight for people, unlike Jagan. Either they vote for him or not, Pawan oathed to be with them and address their problems in the Assembly.


On the other hand, this leader is busy meeting different sections of our society. In parallel, Pawan is holding talks with the senior leaders like Harirama Jogaiah and others for inviting them into Janasena. Already Jogayya’s son joined the Janasena officially the other day in Narasapur. Janasena is targeting a minimum ten seats from the district of West Godavari at any cost.

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