Monday, May 23, 2022
HomelatestPawan wishes Ravi Morning To TV9 Ravi Prakash:

Pawan wishes Ravi Morning To TV9 Ravi Prakash:

Pawan wishes Ravi Morning To TV9 Ravi Prakash:

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The Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan is on a rampage against the channels of TV9, ABN, TV5, Mahaa News etc. His deep concentration on the two-channel heads of TV9, Ravi Prakash, and ABN RK is creating a sensation in Political grounds of AP. In his war on them, he started today with a couple.of fresh tweets irking a media head to the core.

The Sri Reddy casting couch Vs Tollywood issue has got a dye of Politics and became Pawan Vs Some Media Channels. Be it RGV or anyone, Pawan Kalyan lost his patience and waged a war on his selected enemies. The two channels TV9 and ABN which continuously hosted and aired anti-Pawan programmes in Primetime to degrade him didn’t go well with Janasenani. After forming a legal team to fight against Sri Reddy- RGV, he himself took the responsibility to fight against TDP, TV9, and ABN. Since a couple of days, he is targeting Srini Raju, his shares in TV9 and his donations to TDP. Keeping his allegations on TDP and its members aside, Pawan is furious on TV9 Ravi Prakash and ABN RK for airing derogatory stuff against him.

Pawan who ended yesterday’s tweet war asking RK’s son to wash his father with Moral Soap, he started this morning wishing Ravi Prakash. He ridiculed Ravi Prakash by attaching a picture of his performing Hindu rituals and asked him if he has this angle as well. Instead of Good Morning, he wrote Ravi Morning hinting that he is Pawan’s morning target. Pawan went further and posted a couple of articles which speaks anti to Ravi Prakash’s behavior. These articles depict the Channel head’s rude, blackmailing agendas to slam anyone for TRPs.

The Janasena Supreme once again made it clear that he is launching a legal battle on TDP backed yellow media for their immoral, unethical and corrupt programmes. Also, Pawan requests Telangana State Police to have a string operation on these channels and their programmes on his for the last six months as he is very sure that the ends lead to Amaravathi i.e. TDP Pawan Kalyan seems unstoppable at any cost despite Yellow media trolls and publicity against him

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