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Janasena to offer a ticket to Upasana Konidela?

Janasena To Offer A Ticket To Upasana Konidela?

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The newest party in AP, Janasena is expanding its wings slowly to become one of the biggest parties in the State. In the process of its candidate selection, a new rumor has emerged which is shaking the fans and followers of mega fans all over the two states.

Janasena despite having four years under its kitty is still struggling hard to form a full-fledged party. Its Chief Pawan Kalyan is personally allocating his own time to select right and worthy candidates for all the constituencies in AP. He can complete the process of MLAs by anyhow at the end of this year but for the posts of MPs, he needs to sweat hard as it is not an easy task. Pawan who is known for his vast knowledge of books and his special respect towards educated persons in the society will cater enough seats to develop AP. In such process, a rumor has emerged regarding the selection of an MP who belongs to his own family.

That person is none other than Upasana Konidela, the proud daughter in law for megastar Chiranjeevi and happy wife of mega power star Ram Charan Tej. Known for her administrative skills, she is well known to the business, health and Cinema worlds. In very young age, she is working as the boss of one Apollo wing and also serving as the Chief Editor of B Positive magazine. Also, Upasana is famous for her special love towards animals which need special care. Rumors have it that Pawan who saw Upasana closely is thinking to offer an MP ticket to her from any constituency.

This is merely a speculation but has emerged from the followers of Pawan Kalyan. Upasana might be a good choice but selecting her constituency is a huge headache. Because she was born and raised in Chennai and has been living in Hyderabad such that she has no way connected to Andhra. But if Pawan wins as many seats and form Government, she can be won from any place in AP with the help of Pawan’s charisma. Let us look forward to an official confirmation regarding this issue.

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