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HomelatestSpecial Aircraft to President, Vice President and PM by 2020!

Special Aircraft to President, Vice President and PM by 2020!

PM, Prez To Get Their own Planes By Early 2020

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Senior central government officials have confirmed that preparations are underway for the top three VVIPs of the nation. They are the Honorable President, the Honorable Vice President and the Honorable Prime Minister. Three Boeing – 777 aircraft are currently undergoing customization works and will be ready by the year 2020.

The exclusive aircraft will host a ton of facilities ranging from VIP Enclosures (in two aircraft), Media Conference Hall, Kitchen, VVIP rooms, and Emergency Health Services.

Similarly, the security features are expected to be of top notch. Though the government agencies have not revealed in depth of the security system, few insider sources confirmed that these aircraft will boast Anti-Missile Technology, Radar Dodging, Advanced Communication Systems, and others.

Currently, these VVIPs are utilizing the Boeing – 747 model. The biggest upgrade from the 747 to 777 model is that the latter model has a greater range, allowing a non-stop flight from India to the US. The aircraft will consists of two GE 90-115 BL engines, the world’s most powerful aircraft engines. The Indian Government will purchase the aircraft from Air India once they are completely ready.

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