Police Constable aimed a loaded rifle at senior Congress leader!!

Police Constable aimed a loaded rifle at Kamal Nath

Police Constable aimed a loaded rifle at Kamal Nath

Posted December 17, 2017, 12:21 pm at 12:21

In a most shocking turnout of events, a Police Constable aimed his fully loaded rifle at the senior Congress leader, Kamal Nath on Friday. Other Security Personnel of the former Union Minister blocked the leader and overpowered the Constable before it could be too late.

Kamal Nath enjoys Z category security. After attending four public meetings he returned the Chhindwara airstrip in a chopper at around 3:45 pm. At that time, four police personnel were deployed for the security of Kamal Nath’s chartered plane, and Ratnesh Pawar was one of them. He was spotted aiming his loaded rife at the Chhindwara MP. Immediately, rest of the police caught hold of him and took him away from there.

DIG of Chhindwara, GK Pathak, said they have suspended the police constable and ordered a probe to find out if it’s a conspiracy or a mistake. While Ratnesh Pawar claimed, he just shifted his rifle from one shoulder to another and others mistook it. He pleaded his innocence.

Investigations are on and things will come out soon as to who is innocent and who is not, clarified the DIG, while there is no official statement from the Congress leader.

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