Prakash Raj As NTR

Prakash Raj to play NTR role in Lakshmis NTR

Prakash Raj to play NTR role in Lakshmis NTR

Posted October 10, 2017 at 17:31

Prakash Raj to play NTR role in Lakshmis NTR: Ram Gopal Verma, the sensational director who announced the title ‘Lakshmis NTR’ is now focusing on the cast. Verma is thinking that Prakash Raj is suitable to the NTR character. In this process, Verma went to Bangalore to meet Prakash Raj along with the producer Rakesh Reddy, the YCP leader. Already script work completed. But why Prakash Raj accept this controversial movie. There is no surprise that if Prakash Raj like the story, character then he will be ready to do this movie. Actually, there is a reason for it.

The ‘Iruvar’ Tamil movie which is directed by Mani Ratnam on the basis of hate and friendship of MGR, Karunanidhi which is released in Telugu as ‘Iddaru’. This movie created more sensation at that time in Tamilnadu. Even the rumors spread as if the movie release then there will be a huge clash between DMK, AIADMK. But Mani Ratnam made the movie without making all this fuzz happened but not commercially successful. But in acting wise Mohan Lal as MGR and Prakash Raj as Karunanidhi got the success. If Prakash Raj accepted to the NTR role then he will be the one who plays 2 real-life CM. As Prakash Raj will be both Karunanidhi and NTR in the silver screen.

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