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HomelatestIndigo Staff ‘Bad and Rude’ - Slams PV Sindhu

Indigo Staff ‘Bad and Rude’ – Slams PV Sindhu

Indigo Staff ‘Bad and Rude’ – Slams PV Sindhu

Ace badminton player and Olympic Silver Medalist PV Sindhu accused Indigo airlines staff, for behaving rudely with her. She took Twitter as a platform to express her displeasure on how badly she was ill-treated by the ground staff of Indigo Airlines. She was traveling to Mumbai from Hyderabad when this incident occurred.

Exactly in her words, as she tweeted “Ground staff Mr. Ajeetesh behaved very rudely and badly with me. When the air hostess, Ms. Ashima tried to advise him to behave properly with the passenger (me), but to my utter shock, he behaved very rudely with her too. If these type of people work for reputed airlines like Indigo they will spoil the reputation.”

PV Sindhu slams airline ground-staff for rude behaviourShe also added, “Sorry to say, I had a very bad experience? When I was flying by 6E 608 flight to Bombay on 4th November, the ground staff by name Mr. Ajeetesh is rude to me”.Apparently, the staff had raised an objection to her carrying a kit-bag which has her racquets inside it as a hand luggage. Instead of advising her how to resolve the matter, the staff told her to get rid of her kit bag very rudely.

At the time of the incident, Sindhu’s father, Ramana was also traveling with her and saw the events. He told the staff didn’t have basic manners on how to behave with a woman.

We all know, Sindhu is one of the country’s most popular and celebrated sportsperson.

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