Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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Raashi Khanna Wants ‘Lady Oriented’

Chubby cheeks pretty girl ‘Raashi Khanna’ wants to act in lady oriented movies. Her latest film ‘Srinivasa Kalyanam’ is released and it does not go well. So, in her recent interview, she said out her wish that act in lady-oriented films. Actually, in her debut movie ‘Oohalu Gusagusalaade’, her role has importance and she made it. After that, she acted in some glamour oriented roles. And, again she acted in an important role for Tholiprema.


So, her feelings and wishes showed by these films. In her all films, heroine roles have somewhat importance. Now, she is saying about heroine-oriented roles and it is quite natural for actresses who want to build their career. But, the problem is if to make a film with a heroine, the heroine will definitely have some craze in the audiences to watch.


To get that craze, the heroine should do more films as heroine role besides the hero. Once upon a time, actress Vijay Shanthi did more films as a heroine, after them, she acted in lady oriented movies and continued regular films also. As well as, Anushka and Nayanthara also doing like this.

NayantharaSo, Raashi may wait for that moment and she will some more films as a heroine to get more craze. And, it may not the right time to do. If her lady oriented film succeeded there is no problem but if it flop, she should face problems in her film career. So, Raashi will wait for that moment and if a wish is strong it will become true and should wait for that magical moment…

Raashi will wait


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