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‘Raja Meeru Keka’ Movie Review

Raja Meeru Keka Movie Review

Cast: Revanth, Noel, Mirchi RJ Hemanth, Lasya, Shobitha, Taraka Ratna
Director: T Krishna Kishore
Producer: Raj Kumar
Music: Sri Charan
Banner: R.K Studios

‘Raja Meeru Keka’ the title of this movie is very interesting and because of the cast, this movie has more craze. The very famous RJ Mirchi Hemanth, Noel, Revanth, Lasya and Tanaka Ratna is staring Villan and the director of the movie is a new one, so it’s creating a good buzz. Let us see how the story is…


Ravi (Revanth), Sasank (Noel), Swetha (Lasya), Seenu (RJ Hemanth) are best friends. Ravi and Swetha work in a software company named Truetech. Naga Raju (Tarak Ratna) is the CEO of the company which is worth 1000 crores. Nagarjuna with the corrupted mind joins hands with the CM (Posani) and invests his entire money in real estate. The board members who are not interested in this resigns from the company which results in the company shares growing down. So, the company will come to close situation. Nagaraju surrender to the cops and CM tries to help him out. On the other side, Swetha and Ravi lose their jobs. Ravi’s father dies of a heart attack and Swetha including her family attempts suicide. So how all these problems will get solved is the remaining story.

This situation is a resemblance to Satyam computers, how employees face problems and all. As the new director, T Krishna Kishore could not able to pull the story very well. Rather than direction, dialogues are more. The audience did not feel interesting as the story is predictable. The movie is nice but it’s not great.

Cast and Performance:

All the characters did a nice job. Revanth, Noel, Mirchi RJ Hemanth, Lasya did a wonderful screen presence, Tanaka Ratna again proved as a Villan Posani has done his best.

Technical Department:

Editing should be better or else it will be nice. Music director Sri Charan is normal. Background music is good. Songs are not much captivating. Cameraman Ram Reddy is good.


  • Performances
  • Story
  • Cinematography


  • Narration
  • Screenplay

Telugu Bullet Rating: 2.75/5


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