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Rajamouli Shocking Comments About Mahabharatha

Rajamouli about Mahabharatha

Tollywood star director Rajamouli who is the director of Tollywood epic movie Bahubhali has once spoken about his dream of filming Mahabharatha. He said he will direct the movie Mahabharatha but it takes time for him ti take it on to screen. he furthermore says there much be much developed technology to start on this project. And also he says even he must have much more knowledge to film such epic story of Mahabharatha. But, unexpectedly Rajamouli about Mahabharatha, now has changed his words towards the topic.

since three yeas everyone is eagerly waiting to see when Rajamouli starts his dream project Mahabharatha. Rajamouli previously said it would take around 10years to screen the film. It’s already three years him saying these words. when everyone are waiting for the film. He shocks everyone making statements on the movie. Recently in an interview speaking to media he says the news about him filming Mahabharatha is fake news. There is no truth in the news. He furthermore says, he said it is dream of Making the film Mahabharatha, but he never said he is to direct the film.

For a director like Rajamouli, filming Mahabharatha would be a ease. He even have as much support from the industry for taking up any project he wish to. In this case Rajamouli saying he couldn’t direct the film would be point less says some of the critics. Yet, there is no information about why Rajamouli isn’t trying to start working on his dream project. As of now, it is known about Rajamouli next movie with Mahesh Babu. There is no propoer clarity about this project as well. ajamouli says he is officially announce the news about his net project once he decides on it.

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