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After ‘Garuda Vega’, Rajasekhar turns into ‘Kalki’

Rajasekhar in and as Kalki

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Rajasekhar who is dubbed as ‘Angry Young Man’ made a sensational comeback with his film ‘Garuda Vega’. The movie toppled all the predictions and went on to become the biggest hit for the hero in the last two decades. After a series of debacles at the box office, Rajasekhar proved himself with ‘Garuda Vega’.

But, post the humungous success of that film, Rajasekhar did not sign any project. Though rumors are being heard that, the hero is donning key antagonist roles in star heroes’ films, they are yet to be confirmed. Amidst this situation, director Prashant Varma (Awe movie fame) has approached the senior hero and has reportedly impressed him too.

The movie is an official remake of Tamil hit film ‘Power Paandi’, directed, produced and co-written by Hero Dhanush. Currently, the movie is in its pre-production stage, and the casting is underway.

Along with this film, Rajasekhar also signed to act a film to be directed by Aishwarya Dhanush in Tamil. It looks like the senior hero is back to course with one hit.

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