Rajeev Kanakala & Suma’s Great Heart


Suma, a very familiar name to Telugu audiences. Actually, she was from Kerala but her Telugu speaking is marvelous, and we know that. She married Rajeev Kanakala and she is a very famous anchor in Telugu state. Now, she stands for her native state Kerala. We all know that Kerala has lost everything by floods and Indian state governments and many celebrities donated the money and something to Kerala government. However, many government buildings, hospitals, and other buildings also collapsed. Actually, this is not an easy thing to repair and reconstruct all buildings with the government funds.


So, Alleppey collector Krishna Teja has started the “I’m for Alleppey” campaign and seeking the Voluntary people to repair the buildings. So, Suma and Rajeev Kanakala have adopted the Primary Health Center building to do repairs. Really, it is a great heart of that pair and hats off to them. If we see her career, there was no allegations or remarks on her, and they prove her status of the character.


In anchor Pradeep’s drunk and drive case, most of the abused him and commented about his character. But, Suma madam did not abuse him, she has supported him. And, at that time, she said: “Of course, he did a mistake, but think about his past social works. He is a good guy, by mistake, he did it and also realized about it. So, don’t blame him like that.” Really, she is amazing.



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