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Kaala Teaser Release! Vintage Rajini Is Back!

Rajini Is Back Kaala Official Teaser Release  

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Superstar Rajinikanth’s teaser (Tamil) has released amid huge expectations. Right from the movies promotional posters, it is clear that Rajinikanth will be playing a mass-don role in the movie. Even in the teaser, with his unique mannerisms, and out-of-the-world style, Rajinikanth truly rocked.

The opening scene shows Nana Patekar, heckling ‘Kaala’ about his name. Soon, he realizes what Kaala is, and what he means when it comes to business. Though the outfit of Rajini in this movie is quite different from Baasha…. the fans will surely find the birth of a new style in ‘Kaala’. At the time of release, Baasha was hailed for his style and mannerism.

Director Ranjith Pa, who previously showed Rajini as ‘Kabali’ once again excelled in bringing the right blend of heroism coupled with mannerism and rowdyism. Santhosh Narayan who gave the chartbuster ‘Neruppu Da’, once again scores a ton with the latest BGM ‘Unnayium Mannayium’.

The trailer clearly offers a galaxy of fan moments, be it Rajini’s style, mannerisms and dialogues. Similarly, the movie is likely to be a fight between Kaala, a demi-god for people living in slums and a corrupt politician. The move has loads of sentiment and electrifying content to offer.

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