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Nani’s Sweet Warning To Media!

Natural Star Nani’s Sweet Warning To Media

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‘Natural Star’ Nani is famous for playing a cool-headed guy in most of his film. The hero has been on a hit track for the past couple of years. With back-to-back hits at the box office, Nani turned out to be the ‘dependable’ in no time.

The recent events clear hint that, the cool-headed hero is losing some of his cool with his summer releases ahead. In a tweet, the actor said, ‘with all due respect, don’t tag me when you write such nonsense’, to a media house after it came up with an article criticizing the actor for choosing lame stories.

Whether Nani accepts it or not, ‘Nenu Local’ and ‘MCA’ are nothing but run-of-the-mill stories. In fact, they are cocktail of commercial elements knitted together. The actor is truly lagging behind in his story selection. From what seemed to be a rise another superstar who made a name for himself, Nani is slowly inching towards the tag of ‘another commercial hero’.

Nani should realize that it is the same media and fans who hailed him when he came up with unique stories. And now when the same media advises him and gives him a reality check, the actor is finding it hard to digest it. If Nani cannot adapt himself, and act wisely, his ‘social media’ arrogance can have an impact on his summer releases.

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