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Why Is Hero Nikhil Behaving This way?

Nikhil ‘Kirrak Party’ Movie Shooting Promotional Event

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Hero Nikhil is someone, who always wants to stay away from controversies. The actor isn’t seen in the much public glare, except for his occasional presence in film functions. The actor rose to fame with his character ‘Rajesh’ in the movie Happy Days. Since then, Nikhil has etched a name for himself in Tollywood.

By selecting unique scripts like Karthikeya, Surya vs Surya, Keshava, and many others, the actor impressed both the critics and his young fans. It is not surprising that, Nikhil has a huge female following, especially from the college girl.

In the latest incident, Nikhil has disappointed his fans, and a prominent news channel dearly. As a part of his upcoming film ‘Kirrak Party’ promotions, the actor asked a TV Channel to shoot a special promotional event on the occasion of Holi. The actor and the channel agreed to shoot the program between 10:00 am to 12:00 noon. What’s surprising is, the actor really never turned up. Despite repeated calls from the media house, the actor did not arrive at the channel studio on time.

Close sources reported that the actor bluffed that, he is around the corner, and will reach within 10 minutes. It was only at 2:30 pm the actor reach the News studio. The promotional event has been shot, and the actor left.Meanwhile, the news channel is asking, whether Nikhil will behave the same way if it is a live program? Or a direct interview? Only Nikhil can answer these questions!

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