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Actress Rekha Breaks Sachin Tendulkar’s Record!

Actress Rekha Breaks Sachin Tendulkar’s Record

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Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar needs no introduction in a country where Cricket is a religion, and Sachin is the god. Sachin is hailed as one among the all-time greats that have ever played the game. Literally, almost all batting records are in his name, while he was playing. The legendary cricketer never wanted to even miss a single match or even a practice session for that matter.

But that doesn’t seem in the case of his political career. Sachin is one of the 12 MPs who has been nominated to the Rajya Sabha. The former cricketer’s turnout in Rajya Sabha has been really pathetic.

Out of 397 days of Parliamentary sessions, Sachin only attended 29 days. This leaves him with a mere 7.3% attendance. And what’s more surprising is, the cricket was paid Rs 86, 23, 266 for his stint as the Rajya Sabha MP. During his time as the Rajya Sabha MP, Sachin asked 22 questions in the house. Thanks to Rekha, Sachin is pushed to the second spot in all-time worst attendance list from 2012 – 2018.

Meanwhile, senior actress Rekha topped the list for the ‘worst attendance’ with a mere 4.53% attendance. She is seen in Rajya Sabha for 18 days, out of 397 days. Truly they are MPs! Right?

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