Rajya Sabha Member DS Son’s Sexual Harassment…

Rajya Sabha Member DS Son's Sexual Harassment

Shankari Mahila Nursing College student girls complain to Home Minister Naini Narasimha Reddy. The complaint about harassment of Sanjay who is the elder son of Telangana Rajyasabha member D.Srinivas. The student girls said that Sanjay sexually harasses them and please take action on him. So, the home minister  Naini Narasimha has ordered DGP Mahender Reddy for investigation and the reports. So, this Sanjay is Ex-Mayor of Nizamabad and the Congress leader.

 DS Son's Sexual Harassment

Although, recently, MP Kavitha has submitted the letter as report against D.Srinivas. The team of Kavitha accused Srinivas of trying to weaken the TRS in Nizamabad only to promote his son. “He is trying to rejoin the Congress. He has been in touch with Congress leaders in Delhi. Hence his continuance in the party will do more harm. Please act against him without further delay,” they said. This is maybe because his younger son Aravind stands in the election in 2019 against MP Kavitha who is the daughter of CM KCR. And, BJP leader Arvind remarked, “Kavitha fears that she can’t retain her LS seat in the next poll. Hence her attack on my father.”

Maybe are they reasons to pull Sanjay into this..? But, the student girls’ complaint may genuine because no girl takes the risk, to enter into this political games by creating lies. So, the allegations against Sanjay may truths.


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