ExT-TDP Leader To Be The Face Of Janasena In Telangana?

tdp leaders Face Of Janasena In Telangana

The Janasena party is going to have a strong base in AP for many obvious reasons. Along with the AP, the party bigwigs are now concentrating to have a hold in Telangana State as well.Pawan Kalyan enjoys enormous craze in the region of Telangana as a hero. The moment he turned as a Politician, mass amaze at the Party’s formation day in 2014 stating that he has more followers from Telangana. However, the party is yet to get a stronghold there likewise AP. Latest reports from the party’s Hyderabad office state that the Supreme is going to assign a perfect leader to represent the party in Telangana.

The leader is none other than Motkupalli Narasimhulu, ex-leader of T-TDP. Over the last eight months,this leader is quite frustrated with his ex-boss CBN for his dual stands and leadership. Apart from slamming Babu, he is praising Pawan Kalyan in every chance he got all these days. As he resigned from the Yellow camp, Motkupalli is looking forward to joining forces with the Janasena to walk along with Pawan Kalyan.If this rumor turns out to be a reality, then Janasena would get one of the best leaders as a face of its Telangana branch. Motkupalli being a good friend to Pawan Kalyan is a Dalit and appointing him as Janasena’s T-head will bring a huge positive buzz to the party and its Supreme. Sources say that his most successful MLA is going to meet Pawan Kalyan in the upcoming days to join the Janasena officially.


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