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First Look Scares Distributor! 12 Crores Offer Gone Back

Ram Gopal Varma And Nagarjuna Movie 12 Crores Offer 

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Ram Gopal Varma spends most of his time either creating controversies or indulging himself in them. Even though his past few films failed at the box office, the films earned their investment, and in fact, got good profits for him. The director recently got into troubles for passing uncouthly comments on a lady activist. Lately, he has taken some time off from the media and is working on his film ‘Officer, starring Nagarjuna.

Close sources to the director confirmed that a famous distributor approached Ram Gopal Varma with an excellent deal for ‘Officer’ theatrical rights. Rs 12 crores have been reportedly offered by the distributor. When contacted, Ram Gopal Varma’s unit rubbished the claims and stated that they are not even selling the rights as of now.

Insider sources stated that the whole episode was, in fact, true, and the distributor was willing to pay a bit more if required. But after seeing the first look from ‘Officer’, the distributor immediately backed out and stated that he is dropping off from the offer. In order to cover-up, and to do the damage control, RGV’s team has reportedly rubbished the news of selling theatrical rights as of now.

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