Raviteja does not have ‘that’ stamina anymore!


Raviteja does not have ‘that’ stamina anymore!

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A few years back, Mass Maharaja Raviteja was one among the ‘minimum guarantee’ heroes in the film industry. Irrespective of the content and talk, Raviteja’s films used to do minimum business. Many of his past producers always expressed that a film with Ravi meant they are in safe hands.

In recent times with changing trends, competition among the films soared high. Even small-budget films are standing as great opposition to star-hero films. The recent success of ‘Arjun Reddy’ is a clear example of what a content-based film can do, and failure of Mahesh Babu’s ‘Spyder’ proves that star-hero films without content fail at the box office.ravi-teja

Given the current environment, Raviteja is nowhere considered as ‘Minimum Guarantee’ as he was in the past. His recent films before ‘Raja The Great’ bombed at the box office. Even he has taken a long break of 2 years after consecutive flops. With ‘Raja The Great’ becoming a commercial success, the star hero has hiked his remuneration.

‘He hiked his remuneration by 30% all of a sudden. In the past, even with hit-after-hit Raviteja never increase his remuneration so drastically,’ said a producer who recently purchased right to remake a Tamil film that became a super hit.

After ‘Raja the Great’ many producers who approached Ravi took a back seat after knowing the hike in his remuneration. Currently, no one in the film industry including Raviteja can be considered as ‘minimum guarantee heroes’.  

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