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Rajamouli Father’s decision shocks everyone!

Rajamouli Father’s decision shocks everyone!

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Recently, news about scriptwriter Vijayendra Prasad went viral. It stated that he will not be venturing into direction anymore. The ace scriptwriter (father of SS Rajamouli) has directed few films in the past. None of these films received any commercial success including the recent ‘Srivalli’ and Nagarjuna’s ‘Rajanna’ (2011).

With the latest developments in the Tollywood, it is clear that the news about Vijayendra Prasad not venturing into direction anymore is just a rumor. The latest buzz in the tinsel town is that Vijayendra Prasad has approached comedian-turned-hero Sunil with a script. The hero was impressed and has given green signal to act in the upcoming film under Vijayendra Prasad’s direction.


While few film critics stated that, the offer from Vijayendra Prasad is a good one for Sunil who is currently finding hard to get any comedy roles after he failed to impress as a hero. Meanwhile, another section of film critics felt that it wouldn’t be of any use to Sunil to act in Vijayendra Prasad’s movie.

With everything put aside, it is confirmed that Vijayendra Prasad’s next directorial venture would feature Sunil as a hero. The film is expected to go onto sets in January 2018. The film would stand the test of time for both the director and the hero who are hungry for a success. 

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