Reason Behind Bhanu Sree Elimination From BigBoss 2

Reason Behind Bhanu Sree Elimination from BigBoss 2

Big Boss season 2 is running with lost of twists and roller coaster ride suddenly. Bhanu Sree who was viewed as the solid competitor until the point that assigned task needed to clear the house this week. It is known the news that Bhanu Sree snatched the vast majority of the screen time this week particularly amid the scenes in which she pummeled Kaushal after he contacted her improperly.

Bhanu Sree, who acted in a Small Telugu film great fan following with her behavior. Particularly her imposing voice and intense nature got her great fan following. Her execution in a move in the underlying scenes was commended by many. But One particular Situation invaded the opinion that has on the audience.

Yet, the way, contestants were designated for the current week task is by all accounts one-sided. Amid the elimination task, every contender needed to persuade one other person to do the certain task. The task given to specific people were simple – like requesting that others trim hair, to demolish a stitch and so forth.

Be that as it may, Task given to some different people were hard to persuade – like Deepthi needed to persuade Kaushal to self-nominate himself all through the season, Bhanu needed to persuade Amit to refuse captaincy all through the season. So whoever got these intense tasks couldn’t persuade others thus got into nominations. By observing the task s given to people, it would appear that Big boss makers, they themselves settled on whom to nominate.

Bhanu elimination doesn’t appear to be defended on the grounds that she got assigned due to she got tough task amid nominations while others got a normal task. In addition, she was viewed as the victim in the scene of Kaushal contacting her.

Bhanu has blamed Kaushal for touching her improperly. Say so far as that is concerned, show’s host Nani and people have worried on “character assassination” in the recent episode. Bhanu Sree got fewer votes when compared to Deepti and Ganesh and it seems people don’t be in favor of Bhanu.

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