Sudheer Babu And Vijay Devarakonda Missed The Chance

Sudheer Babu And Vijay Devarakonda Missed RX100 Movie

Sometimes we may have to predict some things or lose our chances. The sad one, Super star’s son-in-law Sudheer Babu, today’s youth icon Vijay Devarakonda seems to be the same. A recent bold movie ‘RX 100‘ is getting bigger with a low budget. Ajay is the director of the movie and he has narrated the story to these heroes well before Kartikeya.

Capturing this script, to hero Sudheer Babu around three to four times, to Vijay Devarakonda three to four times. But both of them did not show interest to the film and came back, said another one also and finally listening to Kartikeya, who was waiting for a good subject. And the project was finalized. He shot the film in East Godavari Athreyapuram where he grew up and completed film in the budget of two and a half crores. If either Sudheer or Vijay acted in this film, it might get more josh…!


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