RX 100 Producer Has Marvelous Luck

RX 100 producer has Marvelous luck

Last week’s film ‘RX 100‘, directed by Ajay Bhupathi with the cast Kartikeya and Paayal. Without any expectations, the film got a huge success and film was produced with at least three crores. Although, in this film between hero and heroine, the romantic scenes, especially kissing scenes, grab the great source of youth audiences. In the first four days, the film has grossed over Rs 6 crore. So, movie producer Ashok Reddy Gummakonda and distributors are getting high financial benefits.

Unable to believe in the film, before the release of the movie there was no Satellite Business. But now two major entertainment channels are competing to buy the film in the wake of its huge success. The two channels are ready to give up to five crores. As per information, but the producer is demanding of 6.5 crores. There is a possibility that the producer may get the desired amount due to the competition. Dubbing rights and remakes on the other side ready to sell for a huge amount. According to trade analysts, the producer may get 15 to 20 crores of benefits.


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