Revanth Direct Warning To KCR P.A Made Headlines

Revanth Direct Warning To KCR P.A Made Headlines

The firebrand leader Revanth Reddy just showcased his guts in a live TV debate and stunned all the Politicians and viewers. Details about this sensational piece of news which irked the TRS Camp as follows.

Congress working chairman Revanth Reddy

In a pro TDP and anti-TRS channel’s live debate, Congress working chairman Revanth Reddy explained how the ruling party and its leaders are accusing him of baseless cases to damage his image. On this note, he claimed that the PA of acting CM KCR, Ajith Kumar Reddy involved in many cases which are not known to the Public. To defend allegations on him, Ajith came to the live debate via telephone and asked Revanth to prove his allegations. Charged up Revanth transformed into live voltage wire and countered Ajith to an extent that the latter hung up the line.

Ajith that he and his owner KCR

Revanth directly declared to Ajith that he and his owner KCR are out of minds. He reminded that Ajith Kumar Reddy’s name was clearly mentioned in the confession statement of Passport fraud culprit cum agent Muhammad Rashid. On life, Revanth on record once again declared that he will prove Ajith’s involvement in the Passport fraud. According to Revanth, Ajith Reddy who was a former PA for other TRS leaders allegedly got the recommendation letters of KCR and other leaders in 2005 and 2007 to get five passports. He also accused of taking three lakhs in this fraud which is confirmed by the main accuse Rashid earlier.


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