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RGV: I am not feeling bad because I was abused!

RGV: I am not feeling bad because I was abused!

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The controversy over Nandi Awards gained momentum after various sections of the Telugu Film Industry condemned the Nandi Awards Committee. Various producers and directors are expressing their displeasure on the committee on all social media platforms and electronic media.

On the comment, ‘the Nandi Awards Committee surely deserve an Oscar for their non-prejudice judgment. I want to touch their feet’ made my Ram Gopal Varma, Maddineni Ramesh Babu, member of the Nandi Awards Committee abused director Ram Gopal Varma using vulgar, foul and impolite language.

RGV responded to Maddineni Ramesh Babu’s statement through a Facebook post. In the post, he stated, ‘Everyone has a right to respond to something that is going on in a democratic country. I responded to the Nandi Awards as it is my right to respond. Mr. Maddineni Ramesh Babu reacted to my comments rather in a harsher way,’ and he posted the abusive language used by the Ramesh Babu.

Varma further reacted stating that, ‘I don’t mind because someone abused me. But what pains me a lot is, how are these kind of people a part of a prestigious committee? I don’t know whether to be shocked or to feel sad on the Government that has selected this kind of members for the Jury. It is said that one grain is enough to tell how the rice would taste. If Maddineni Ramesh Babu is that one grain, then what about the state of the whole committee? It is the Government that has to answer now’.

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