RGV Reveals The Reason For Exiting NTR Biopic

RGV Reveals The Reason For Exiting NTR Biopic
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RGV is making news every day with the promos of his upcoming flick Lakshmi’s NTR. In one of his promotional interviews, he revealed the reasons for walking out of Balayya’s NTR Biopic.When the media speculated that Balayya is looking forward to making his father NTR’s life history into a biopic, RGV is the first name appeared on the tabloids. Balayya even went to Mumbai and met this controversial maker and requested him to direct the biopic. When they were indulged in story discussions, RGV opposed Balayya’s idea of portraying only the glory side of NTR leaving the Lakshmi Parvathi episode.

However, RGV feels that it is the Lakshmi Parvathi’s episode which made this Shiva maker get excited and audience would get connected to the emotional content of such legend rather than his neat and clean stardom. Later Balayya left RGV and opted for Teja which got replaced by Krish. The flick Kathanayakudu failed to meet the minimum expectations and apparently, RGV’s ideology won over NTR biopic makers.Now that RGV has worked on the part he loved, he hopes that Lakshmi’s NTR would definitely impress the movie lovers and the success of the theatrical trailer explains everything. Finally, RGV is more than happy to direct this movie and he feels that Lakshmi’s NTR is the perfect tribute to the legend than any other biopics like Kathanayakudu and Mahanayakudu.


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