Rivals Continue Their Tactics On Janasenani Targeting One Region

Rivals Plotting To confine Janasenani to one Region

The most buzzed party Janasena is facing the Political heat from its rival parties, especially post the New Year’s day. After coming out of alliance controversy, the party is now struggling to get out of a conspiracy created by Political enemies.

Janasena lead by the dynamic leader Pawan Kalyan is growing up as one of the major parties of Andhra Pradesh and is posing threat to the existing parties. In this regard, already the parties TDP and YSRCP started to trouble JSP by sending feelers that it would tie up with either YSRCP or TDP in order to confuse the voters. Soon, the Supreme Pawan Kalyan reverted back these allegations by declaring that the party would contest alone. Now they are desperately trying to prove voters that this party will confine its popularity only to the two Godavari districts where the fan base and Kapu community outnumber others. This is also a ploy by the rivals of Pawan Kalyan who want to make voters believe that the party would hardly focus on other regions.

This is a complete trash conspiracy as the analysts believe that Janasena has the stupendous following in almost all the regions like Uttarandhra, Anantapur and Southern AP districts. The main problem with Janasena is that the party is lacking a spokesperson to revert back these conspiracies every day as the main leaders are busy in the party’s affairs. However, the Chief is confident in winning as many seats as he can from all the regions of AP.


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