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Russia Air Strikes East Syria: 21 Civilians Killed

Russia Air Strikes East Syria: 21 Civilians Killed

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Russian air strikes killed almost 21 civilians here on early Wednesday in a village which was held by the Islamic State group near to the Euphrates River in eastern Syria, reports claim.

The bombing raids hit the village of Al-Jerzi on the eastern bank of the river, which cuts across DeirEzzor Province according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Out of the 21 civilians, 9 were children, as early as Wednesday morning in Russian air strikes targeted residential buildings in Al- Jerzi, the head of the Observatory Rami Abdel Rahman told.

There is a Britain based monitor that relies on a network of sources inside Syria says it determines whose planes carry out raids based on the type, flight patterns, location, and munitions used. It says the IS, is ousted from all eight percent of the oil-rich region, who used to control tracks of DeirEzzor province.

The jihadists have lost massive swathes of it to separate offensives by Russian- backed Syrian troops and also an alliance known as Syrian Democratic Forces. Till date, the SDF had been backed by the US-led coalition bombing of IS in Iraq and Syria, but in its latest development, they said to have received support from Moscow.

Russian warplanes had given air cover to the Kurdish People’s Protection Units as they fought against Jihadists in DeirEzzor, according to Moscow defense ministry.

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