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Sai Pallavi’s Kind Gesture Stunned PPLM Producer

The talented actress Sai Pallavi’s latest outing Padi Padi Leche Manasu which features Sharwanand in the lead role has bagged mixed talk from the day one itself.Though the content is quite good, the film has failed to make it big at the ticket window. The lead pair performance is fantabulous and Sharwa, Pallavi has given life to the characters with their magnificent performance. As per the box office numbers are concerned, this film has not impressed the majority of the audience. Till now Sai Pallavi has been the epicentre for the rumours and speculations of her rude behaviour with the co-stars but the latest report from the English daily says a quite contrast thing.

PPLM producer who is yet to pay some remuneration to Sai Pallavi has approached her to give the final balance. But too much of his surprise, Sai Pallavi has rejected to take the balance amount of nearly 40 lakhs as the film didn’t fare well at the box office. Though the producer has insisted her parents to take the balance amount, even her parents have rejected it. We have heard the superstars of Tollywood like Pawan Kalyan returning back some part of his remuneration but for the first time, a heroine has returned the part of her remuneration as the film didn’t fare well.This is something really rare as we never heard before like any heroine who returned back their part of remuneration if the producer is in trouble.

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