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Producer Dil Raju’s Stunning Reply On Theatres Issue

The top producer Dil Raju has been awaiting the release of his Sankranti release F2 with many expectations. Interacting with the Press the other day, this maker responded on the ongoing issue of unavailability of theatres for other flicks.For those who are unaware of this issue, the Rajinikanth’s starrer Petta movie’s distributor Vinod Vallabhaneni has made allegations on the Telugu producers that they are hiding theatres. Not stopping there, this distributor declared that it is wrong on their part for not allocating any theatres for Petta which has Rajini as the hero. Reacting to this, Raju claimed that Telugu producers cannot afford to allocate theatres when three big flicks are releasing, especially at the time of Sankranthi. Being a distributor himself, he will not be willing to sacrifice his theatres for the sake of a dubbed flick leaving Telugu flicks at stake.

Also, this Dil producer reminded that the same distributor got ample theatres during the time of Nawaab and Sarkar’s release in Telugu.Raju also cornered Petta Telugu distributor by stating that if he is so confident of having empty theatres from 18th of this month, then Raju offered to give away all the theatres to Petta from eighteenth. Finally, this Nizam distributor opined that he can make many misleading comments like the other but being a responsible maker with values, he prefers to stay calm on this issue. This may wake up the ignorant Petta distributor who blames Telugu producers and Telugu Cinemas for the sake of his own business.

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