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HomelatestSakshi’s provoking TDP by using BJP and Amit Shah:

Sakshi’s provoking TDP by using BJP and Amit Shah:

Sakshi News Paper provoking TDP by using BJP Leader

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The YSRCP is continuing its mudslinging programme on its rival party TDP. Its newspaper front Sakshi tried its best to provoke the TDP by setting it against its new enemy BJP and its leader Amit Shah with a new conspiratorial theory.

It is a known thing that some TDP members attacked the BJP Chief Amit Shah at Tirupathi. They threw stones on the party head and alleged that he has cheated the entire state by faking the promise of Special Status in Parliament. This issue has ended there itself as both Babu and Modi maintained their silence. But Sakshi took this issue to get maximum mileage and benefit to its party YSRCP. In today’s edition, it published a big long bold article on this whole issue on the cover page. Not stopping there, it tried to prepare battle between BJP and TDP by writing its own cover story. According to the editor, BJP was deeply disturbed by the acts of TDP and it is now writing strategies to counter TDP. Sakshi went further and provoked TDP by claiming that the Centre is trying to arrest Babu in Cash for Vote scam through Telangana Government. The paper tried its best to irk both TDP and BJP parties in a way to witness a verbal war between them in order to divide the votes as they would get into power. This power mongering party’s daily edition maligned both the parties for its own benefits by teasing TDP and BJP just to see the festival of fights.

But this thing is taken hard by the Political analysts. They slam the Paper of Sakshi for using this issue for its personal gain. According to them, publishing such articles only lead to.self destruction as journalism means reporting but not conspiring. Even the TV debates thought the same. It is very clear that YSRCP is targeting both the parties only to get into power in 2019 general elections. These type of tactics would revert back to them.

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