Undavalli slams CBN and his 25MPs tactics:

Undavalli Arun Kumar slams CBN and his 25MPs tactics

Undavalli Arun Kumar slams CBN and his 25MPs tactics

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The experienced parliamentarian Undavalli Arun Kumar has got a special take on CBN’s new promises. This famous orator’s new press meet reveals the hidden strategy behind Babu’s intentions and promises to the people of Andhra.

Undavalli claims that he has filed a case on the Supreme Court regarding the AP bifurcation bill. So he directly asks the CBN and his Government to file an affidavit on the same case to get a fitting judgment on this issue. Arun Kumar stated that Babu is still trying to steal the credit of fighting for Special Status over Jagan. According to Undavalli, at least Jagan stood on his stand for Status, unlike CBN who termed Special Status as a closed chapter. He reminded people that the same CM of AP tried to convince the State that Special Package is better than Status. So he, in turn, questioned Babu for its loyalty on Special Status after all these years.

Undavalli recollected Babu’s special request for AP people regarding the general elections that Babu is asking AP people to vote for TDP in order to win 25 MP seats just to decide Central Politics. Arun opined that even if Babu wins 25 MP seats, BJP will be either in Power or in Opposition. In either case, BJP would work against AP. So Arun asks Babu to stop vote bank politics and start concentrating on real-time.governance to save the State without capital. He also revealed the open letter he sent to the AP CM in this regard to the press.

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