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Samsung Galaxy S11 may have 120 Hz display

On Twitter, @UniverseIce posted images of the concealed menu from a Chinese version of Beta 2.0 – which was just strewed to Galaxy Note9 users more limited than a day ago. The menu was found on the Chinese version of the beta.

The menu includes three choices for how it will utilize the 120 Hz trait. One retains the display 60 HZ another will perpetually retain it at 120 Hz, and the newest one changes on the 120 Hz hallmark and automatically turns back and forth from 60 Hz.
A 120 Hz screen can turn fluid feel to improve the UX. The downside is the further power draw required to drive all those frames.

The Galaxy S11 is presumed to deliver Night Hyperlapse, thinner bezels, director’s representation, and Samsung strategy to manage the SAMOLED branding for the forthcoming screen. The Galaxy S11 was also guaranteed to attain with a 3,720 mAh battery. It’s also assumed to arrive in three sizes and five models including 5G ones.

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