Hero in jail for 4 days..?

Sandeep Kishan went to jail

Sandeep Kishan went to jail for 4days

We usually find movie crew speaking a lot and praising each other efforts during the movie promotions.  They in a way speak much more about the movie, Rather what it actually is. Recently Sandeep Kishan is up with his new movie ‘Nakshatra’. Sandeep Kishan went to jail for 4days according to the latest updates. This is said by Sandeep Kishan himself uring the movie promotions.

This movie Nakshatra is under Krishna Vamsi’s direction. Sandeep Kishan is to play the role of a police officer in the film. Due to this reason Sandeep has made a huge hard work. He says, he researched a lot about police officers and their body language to do this role. He furthermore, says he went to Madhapur police station for four days and observed the officers to have knowledge about how they deal with situations. Many doubts  if Sandeep statements about staying in police station might be a fake news. The movie didn’t receive any responds. The movie ‘Nakshatra’ is running with a average talk.

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