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Donald Trump: Shock For IT Jobs

HFS Research on Automation Effects Software Jobs

HFS Research on Automation Effects Software Jobs: Another challenge came in the form of Automation for the IT sector, which will be based on the decision of US President Donald Trump. Almost 40 lakh employees future will get the effect by this automation in the next four years. American Business Advisory Institute HFS research and estimates that there is a possibility of losing employment with automation over 40 lakhs people in the IT industry. Even estimated for which jobs the automation will affect. According to the firm, 14% of jobs will get affected in the Indian IT workforce. Mainly the automation highly effects on the testing sector it seems.

Automation Effected IT Jobs List:

–> Manual Testing: Software Test Engineer, Manual Tester, Quay Engineer.

–> Infrastructure Management Manual: Systems Engineer, System Administrator, IT Operations Manager.

–> BPO: Data Entry Operator, Customer Service Executive, Technical Support.

–> System Maintenance: Maintenance Engineer, Server Maintenance.

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