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Secret Superstar collections in China – Rs. 175 crores in 3 days, and counting

Secret Superstar collections in China  

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Tollywood is quite busy these days selling its mediocre content to the US. The movies solely depend on the premier collections, rather than its full-run collections. In fact, the same is the case with Bollywood and other regional cinemas overseas. Nevertheless, there are exceptions in this list too. If Baahubali franchise is an exception from Tollywood, Amir Khan’s movies are an exception from Bollywood. Secret Superstar collections in China are an example of Amir Khan’s dominance at the international level.

Though Baahubali 2 opened in as many as 6000 theatres in contrast to Dangal, that opened in 90,000 screens in China. Secret Superstar movies had a decent run at the box office. Given its hybrid teen drama, the film grossed Rs. 122 crores in its worldwide theatrical release at the end of its fourth weekend. The film grossed Rs. 83 crores in India at the same time.

Shockingly, the Secret Superstar collections in China took everyone by surprise. The film collected a whopping Rs. 110 crores in 2 days, and Rs. 175 crores in 3 days, surpassing its full-run collections in India. Secret Superstar collections are likely to shoot up in the coming days after the film received excellent reviews upon its release. Secret Superstar is produced by Amir Khan and Kiran Rao. The film’s theme strongly reflects on domestic violence and feminism.

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