Sekhar Kammula Reacts On Sri Reddy’s Comments! Is She In Trouble?

Sekhar Kammula Reacts On Sri Reddy

Sekhar Kammula Reacts On Sri Reddy

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Everyone knows director Sekhar Kammula as someone who excels in his art of filmmaking than anything else. Just like his life, and attire, his films are simple, yet very impactful. He has directed some blockbusters like Anand, Happy Days and the recent mega blockbuster Fidaa. It is quite hard for someone to think that Sekhar Kammula is a womanizer, and is a pervert.

But actress Sri Reddy who is the latest YouTube sensation made highly offensive and controversial remarks on the director. She literally called him a night watchman (Ghoorkha) and claimed that he used to roam near her house.

Reacting on the star allegations passed by Sri Reddy, Sekhar Kammula stated that, he will pursue legal action on the actress if she doesn’t take back her statements. ‘I have never seen her nor spoke to her. Her behavior is highly unacceptable. If she doesn’t apologize publicly and take back her statements, I will even take a legal action on her. Will bring out who is behind this’, said Sekhar Kammula.While Sri Reddy is having a lot of fun making allegations, few are feeling the heat of her comments.

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