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HomelatestShocking Letter to Pawan Kalyan Fans!

Shocking Letter to Pawan Kalyan Fans!

Shocking Letter to Pawan Kalyan Fans!

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‘Every fan of Pawan Kalyan should read this message and share. ‘Agnathavasi’ is slated to release on January 10th, 2017. It came to our notice that few Pawan Kalyan fans are printing names of Vangaveeti Ranga along with Pawan Kalyan posters and crediting themselves as ‘Kaapu Yuvatha’. This can have a grave impact on Janasena. With the formation of Janasena, we are not only Pawan Kalyan fans but also Janasena’s members. In the past, Chiranjeevi garu has faced the wrath, after few anti-social elements tried to portray Prajarajyam party as ‘Kapu community party’.

Hereby we inform you that, Pawan Kalyan fans should not put up any kind of posts on Facebook or any other social media that associate Janasena with a particular community. With Pawan Kalyan garu completely into politics, people like Katthi Mahesh are to be seen everywhere. They try to create communal rifts by making controversial comments. If we start to react on such kind of people repeatedly, there is a high chance for people of that particular community staying away from Janasena as a whole. We kindly request you to ignore such kind of anti-social elements. As Janasena members, it is our responsibility to work towards the success of Janasena Party in 2019 elections and save our state from the present corrupted leaders’.

It is still unclear whether it is an official letter from Janasena Party or from a diehard Pawan Kalyan fan!

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