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HomelatestShrikar Dhawan pushes away a fan!

Shrikar Dhawan pushes away a fan!

Shrikar Dhawan pushes away a fan!

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Indian Cricket team opener Shrikar Dhawan is often known for his smile on the cricket field. Many cricketers testify that Shrikar is absolutely a cool and fun loving guy. But a recent incident that took place in New Delhi sends wrong signals to his fan and cricket community.

Shrikar Dhawan who is often referred as ‘Gabbar’ pushed an ardent fan. Shrikar Dhawan along with team India reached Delhi for the final test against Sri Lank. Shrikar attended a private function. While he was on his way into the function hall, fans started pushing each other to get a glimpse of the cricketer.

Few of them tried to click a selfie with the cricketer. That’s when things took a bad turn. After an ardent fan tried to click a selfie with Dhawan, he was pushed aside by the cricketer. Dhawan seemed in an angry mode. The whole thing was being recorded by people.

The video became viral after it went online. Interestingly, few people blamed the fans for irritating Gabbar. While many others lashed out the Indian opener, stating ‘If Kohli can cross the security and pose for selfies, what problem has Shrikar Dhawan got?’.

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