‘One Rupee’ note turns 100 Years! Value fell by 400 Times!


one-rupee note turns 100 years in age

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The iconic ‘bluish’ colored One Rupee note has turned 100 years. It first came into existence on 30th November 1917. It is the only note currently in circulation that doesn’t feature the signature of the RBI Governor. It instead features Finance Secretary’s signature. The printing of the ‘One Rupee’ note has been stopped by the Indian Government in 1994. Post the public demand, the government resumed the printing of the note in 2015.

The ‘One Rupee’ not is most often seen during rituals and religious practices. Rs 11, Rs 51, Rs 101 are given as Dakshina(a token of payment).one rupee note turns 100 years

The note has undergone 28 changes in the past 100 years. Initially, the one rupee was minted as ‘silver coin’. With silver becoming expensive during the World War I, many people used to melt silver coins and make bars. They later sold them for profit. Later the government started issuing Banknotes.

One needs to shell a sum of Rs 12,000 – Rs 13,000 purchase the ‘One Rupee’ issued in 1917. The 1917 One Rupee note can be found with collectors and dealers.

The value of ‘One Rupee’ depreciated by nearly 400 times in the past 100 years. One Rupee note used to fetch 10.7 grams of silver in 1917. 10 grams of silver currently costs Rs 390.

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