Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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Singer Chinmayi Faced Stupid Questions…?

Generally, movie lovers and fans have a curiosity to know about their favorite actors and stars. For that, celebrities also make facebook lives and chit chats with fans. Sometimes, the questions from people annoy the filmy stars and make embarrassing to answer. Of course, because of curious nature and to talk something with their favorite stars, people ask silly questions and sometimes stupid ones. In their feeling, that is the question but it is silly for seeing people. Recently, singer Chinmayi made chitchat with fans but some questions angered her and her replies also damn shots.





It is quite natural, face this type of situations from fans. At the same time, fans congratulate their stars and feel excited when they got the reply. Yes, it is a very great moment for some people by getting a reply from their stars. But, minimum consciousness will maintain and utilize the chance to shot right questions for their favorites. So, if we shot right ones we will good reply and can feel happy about that. Finally, the perceptions of persons are personal, but shouldn’t disturb anyone personally. At the same time, this is our India and we have freedom of speech also.

 Rahul Ravindran andSinger Chinmayi


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