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HomelatestNo Unemployment In AP By 2024: Claims Nara Lokesh

No Unemployment In AP By 2024: Claims Nara Lokesh

TDP National Secretary Nara Lokesh has become the brand ambassador of TDP Government lately. He kept on boosting the party and its head Nara Chandrababu Naidu whenever he gets a chance. In his yesterday’s speech, he made some claims about the CBN’s ruling and his Ministry.The IT Minister of Andhra Pradesh has inaugurated more than ten Software Companies in Amaravathi. Later, he held talks with some MNCs to set up their organisations at the port city of Visakhapatnam.

TDP National Secretary Nara Lokesh

The other day, this Prince of TDP declared that the AP Government has already provided more than thirty six thousand jobs to the unemployed youth. He along with this IT team is working hard to fetch a few more IT Companies in Vizag to provide more employment in the AP. Lokesh declared his aim of making AP as the unemployed State by the year 2024 and claimed that it is his CM Babu’s vision to give jobs for entire AP Youth. At the same moment.

.CBN and Lokesh Lokesh reminded that his Government has started the work of giving away the unemployment pension monthly and asked the eligible candidates to register once he announces the website.CBN and Lokesh are banking parallely on the Port city of Vizag along with Amaravathi. As the capital is still in construction, the TDP Government wants to develop Vizag on par to any other big city in India. Also Vizag has enough lands in its outskirts to build an IT corridor.

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