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HomelatestLet’s Stand United To Defeat BJP – Sitaram Yechury  

Let’s Stand United To Defeat BJP – Sitaram Yechury  

Sitaram Yechury Hints At Tactical Alliance With Congress

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CPI (M) National General Secretary Sitaram Yechury called all the opposition parties to stand united to defeat BJP in the upcoming 2019 General Elections. The CPI (M) Congress has begun today in the city of Hyderabad. Talking at the occasion, Sitaram Yechury said, ‘attacks on Dalits and Muslims have been increasing. This sort of communal atmosphere is threatening the unity and harmony in the country.

Only the Left parties have the power to stop the attacks by anti-social and communal forces. Every one of us should stand together in communal and social struggles’.Talking about the 2019 Election Polls, the communist party leader said that, all the oppositions should come together, and stand united to defeat BJP.

‘The Left, Secular and Democratic forces should come together to defeat the BJP Party in the 2019 General Elections. While the agriculture is in crisis, and the unemployment is on the rise, the Central Government is only interested, and is working in favor of the corporate forces’, concluded Sitaram Yechury.Quite surprisingly, the community leader did not respond to a question on KCR’s ‘Federal Front’ on this occasion.

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