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HomelatestHari Babu Resigns As AP BJP President For The National Level Post:

Hari Babu Resigns As AP BJP President For The National Level Post:

Kambhampati Hari Babu Resigns As Andhra Pradesh BJP

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Proving the speculations as true, BJP MP Hari Babu has resigned his AP BJP head post the other day and his head Amit Shah has accepted it. However, the high command has given better post than this and made him happy.MP Khambampati Hari Babu who is proved as the most trustworthy leader in AP BJP has impressed the Supreme Amit Shah. He was seen countering TDP every now and then. Since then, the BJP camp in Delhi is thinking about replacing him with another.

Finally, he has resigned to his post but the Amit Shah has given him a big post in BJP National Executive Member. Some say that BJP itself has pressured him to resign for other reasons whereas Hari babu declares that he willingly resigned in order to train youngsters in the party in National level. Also, he is hoping to get a ministry in the cabinet of BJP if it regains power in 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Another big name in AP BJP, MLA Vishnu Kumar later told the press that the AP BJP camp is requesting Amit Shah to give a nominated post for Hari babu at any cost. For now, they will be happy with the National level post which will soon diffuse him to Modi’s cabinet. The gap left by Hari Babu shall be filled with Vishnu Kumar and an official declaration will be given from the Capital.Some political analysts argue that BJP has intentionally forced Hari Babu to resign as he fumbled to gain control over TDP in AP state. Whatever might be the reason, the AP BJP Camp is awaiting its new President who can develop the party further in the State.

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