SS Rajamouli – The highest earning South Indian celebrity

SS Rajamouli Gets 15th Place IN South India Remuneration

SS Rajamouli Gets 15th Place IN South India Remuneration

Posted December 23, 2017, 11:33 am at 11:33

On the other side, if you look at South, SS Rajamouli has occupied 15th position in the list of highest earners in India. His earnings are Rs.55 crores, and holds the top earner position in the list from South India. Prabhas also joined the list and is holding the 22nd position with earnings of Rs.36.25 crores. If we exclusively talk only about South Celebrities that are listed, Suriya takes the 25th position with earnings of Rs.34 crores, Vijay at 31 position and earning Rs.29 crores, Rana takes the no.36 position with earnings of Rs.22 crores, Mahesh Babu with earnings of Rs. 19.62 crores stand at the no.37 position, Pawan Kalyan also featured holding a no.69th position with earnings of Rs.11.63 crores, Mohan Lal stands at Rs.11.03 crores stands at 73rd position, and Allu Arjun at the no.81 position with earnings Rs.7.74 crores.

Indeed, a proud movement for Tollywood industry seeing a director hitting the list. There is no doubt in his talent, Rajamouli, his movies speak volumes but he rose to fame with his movie Baahubali, which has earned huge drawings both nationally and internationally.

Looking at the list of people who are holding a position in the Forbes Magazine, we still have to find Mega Star Chiranjeevi, maybe he will hold a position in the coming year. As this year only he made a re-entry into the industry.

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